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Centuries Of Stories Wendy Cooling

Centuries Of Stories

Wendy Cooling

Published September 6th 1999
ISBN : 9780001857155
320 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I love the idea behind this collection! Twenty short stories, one for each century :) So of course its a very mixed bag but depending on where your interests lie, theres definitely something for everyone! A few I didnt care so much for, but the majority were loads of fun. My top five were, in order:The 9th Centurys Brother Aelreds Feet by Gillian Cross.The 4th Centurys The Valley of the Crocuses by Jean Ure.The 3rd Centurys The Wall by Vivian French.The 16th Centurys The Daughter by Jacqueline Wilson.The 18th Centurys Toinette by Adèle Geras.I also really enjoyed the 20th Centurys Swimming in Time by Margaret Mahy, which was like a quick recap of the centurys biggest events. (Lots of wars! Too many wars, that some forgot everything else that had happened because all that good and progress was so overshadowed by war after war after war...) And the 19th Centurys North by Malorie Blackman, about a young slave girl, was quite interesting and shocking.I was very interested to see that the 7th Centurys Angel to Angel by Annie Dalton featured Mel Beeby once more, and was excited to have this little fill-in short story after Id loved reading all of the Angels Unlimited series. But in the end, it was about 90% Mel and 10% 7th Century Ireland - there just wasnt enough historical detail in there. The 15th Centurys The Mystery of the Invisible Friends by Pete Johnson was another that I really liked, but would have liked even more had it been a tiny bit longer. And the 17th Centurys London Rises From the Ashes by Jeremy Strong (wherein Christopher Thrush is mistaken for Christopher Wren) was quite funny :D